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Our concept

The companies on our webpage are carefully selected after a lot of hard work and research. All brands put all their efforts, time and resources to create the best products for us. Each brand maintains a small portfolio of products to be able to test and improve consistently. What this means for us is quality products according to the latest standards.

Even more, all brands make sure they release a new version of the product when new features are tested long enough and deserves to be announced as an improvement. This keeps the value of our products and guarantees us that we will get a new version of each product with real improvements.

Our partners:

BWSurf is the only company in the world that creates wave kitesurf gear… read more

GIN Kites is the Swiss quality with one of the best high-performance kites on the market… read more

RideClash is well-known brand located in Tarifa, which has designed one of the best kitesurf twintip board on the market… read more

Goodboards is a EU company with high-quality handmade equipment for snowboardsplitboards, ski, wakeboard and kitesurfread more

Pathron Snowboards is a EU company with self-produced snowboards with best quality, great variety of snowboards and splitboards with carbon, woodcore and many other features… read more

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