The German company with more than 25 years experience creates handmade limited series of products each year. The materials are made in Germany because quality is that matters. Nowadays it is very rare to find a high-quality handmade product which will last for many years. Goodboards&Goodschi is the company which gives quality and uniqueness a true meaning.

Pathron Snowboards

Pathron made in Europe main goal is to create high-end snowboards using all advanced technologies. They create ultralight,  high-performance snowboards at best possible prices. The Pathron premium wood cores, despite being extremely light, sacrifice nothing in strength or durability.

Gin Kites

GIN kites is a branch within the structure of the famous paragliding brand: GIN Gliders ( Due to the perfect conditions for kitesurfing in the Swiss lakes and snow-kiting in the Swiss Alps, GIN kites could quickly expand to a well-known kite company with Swiss quality. The GINs Research & Development Team handle their product line with a lot of care. The team rides throughout the whole year to improve consistently and bringing up innovation within their portfolio. GIN kites offers you best quality, ultra-light and durable kites, designed for beginners as well as for advanced and pro riders.


The only company in the kitesurfing industry  that design and manufactures kitesurfing gear for waves only. The legend Ben Wilson is the owner and lead of the R&D team (Research and development) of BWSurf. Each kite is made of the most resistant and lightweight materials in the market and has excellent drift ability to ride waves. The surfboards have unique shape that allows you to combine surf and kitesurf with one board. The newest Aeneema kite has been designed for our wave conditions in Europe. If you want to ride wave, no doubt BWsurf is the best choice.


The Spanish company produces only one product. Putting all their efforts and time results in a kite board which will serve you in all conditions – difficult terrain, choppy waters but also it is perfectly suitable for tricks on flat water. Made out of high-quality materials that deliver the perfect balance between lightweight and durability.


The people behind the Magicable project are working hard to create the first eco-friendly FullSize Wakepark in Bulgaria. The entire area where the cable park is located is a magical place with breathtaking landscape and is definitely worth a visit.

Shredmates – shred with friends!